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The Crosby Community Club a non-profit organization supporting Seabeck, Green Mountain, Lake Symington, Lake Tahuyeh, Wildcat Lake,  and surrounding areas of central Kitsap County, Washington.  The club is located in Seabeck WA in the area called Crosby.    Historically, a post office called Crosby was in operation between 1891 and 1918.  The community's name (and our community club) is a transfer from Crosby, England. 

The Crosby Community Club was originally established in 1948.  It is the second oldest community club in Washington State! In 1997, the club became a non-profit entity.  Since inception, the club has been focused on activities and giving centered around family and community.  Current membership strives to maintain the club's legacy vision and focus.   

Our vision is to enrich our community by providing more activities close to home, help neighbors to meet neighbors, and promote charitable giving.  One of the most notable events is Crosby Days, an annual event that celebrates our community's logging history.  There is a parade, logging competitions, other activities and events, food, and a lot of fun!    

Crosby Community Club meetings and many club events are held a 100+ year old (1916) building that was once one room school house.  The club and properties provide a backdrop for most club activities.  The property is also used as a rental venue which helps to defer some of the cost of its maintenance.  The building is frequently rented out for weddings, bridal showers, family reunions, and other events.  For residents, the Crosby Community Club is an important part of their lives and their family's history.  As part of our vision, we hope to do our part to support this sense of community for future generations.

We welcome you to meet your neighbors. 

See you at our next meeting!

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Crosby Community Club

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Crosby Community Club

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TEL: (360) 662-6719

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