Hello neighbors!

Our Seabeck Neighborhood Facebook group exists to connect potential “helpers” with individuals and family neighbors in need.  In the next month or possible months ahead, our neighbors may need more assistance than ever before.

Our hope is that neighbors will use this portal to post their need(s), whether it be a gallon of milk, a meal, or a ride to the doctor and that someone, a "helper", will connect with them to fill that need. Helpers can separately volunteer to post how they can help. It is as simple as a Facebook post.  


This Facebook group is moderated by the Crosby Community Club and Women’s Club of Seabeck.  We provide the portal.  Then we do our best to keep discussions neighborly and on topic.   We do NOT vet neighbors’ requests nor vet the volunteer helpers and we cannot guarantee that there will be a helper for every request for assistance.


Here is a quote from Mr. [Fred] Rogers who was part of the inspiration for this group:

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me,

"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."


Let’s all try to do what we can to make the scary times less scary and be good neighbors!

How does this work?

Image by Steve Tsang


Gallon of Milk? Meal? Other?

Go to our Facebook group and post a request, or go to MailTrain.com and create a MailTrain account and post your MailTrain link in our Facebook group.  Once you have a volunteered "HELPER", please update your post as "COMPLETE".

Volunteering Group


Can you help with a meal?  A ride?

Go to our Facebook group and post how you can help, or, you can view the posted request and volunteer to help someone.

Mobile Phone


Resources available?  Please share.

Please share any resources that may be helpful to neighbors in need.  You may also share latest updates on relevant news. Please provide information from the source.  Thank you!