2020 Board Members

The Executive Board or Committee of each club are the board members and the trustees.

Crosbsy Community Club

Board Members

President:            Katrina Bastian

Vice President:   Barb Claussen

                               Thoreau Tiknis

Secretary:           Amanda Pearl

Treasurer:          Rosemary Schuessler


Ash Claussen

Kylee Davis

Trevor Davis

Jessica Dukes

Taylor Dukes

Darrell Durbin

Stephanie George


Caretaker is a position shared amoungst the board members, trustees, and membership.

Women's Club of Seabeck

Board Members

President:           Tracy Hague

Vice President:  Terri-Marsh Quinlan

Secretary:          Shelby-Marsh Quinlan

Treasurer:         Rosemary Schuessler



Kylee Davis

Tessa Dlugosh

Janie Periot

Crosby Blackmouth Derby

Board Members

Jessica Dukes


Site Address

Crosby Community Club

2135 Christopher Rd NW

Seabeck, WA 98380, USA

Mailing Address

Crosby Community Club

PO Box 305

Seabeck, WA 98380, USA

Contact Us

TEL: (360) 662-6719

E-MAIL: crosbyclubwa@gmail.com

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