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2024 Annual Fundraising
Including Crosby Days Logging Festival
Sponsorship & Donation


1. Print, fill out, and sign the form.

2. Make check payable to: Crosby Community Center.
3. Mail form and check to:  Crosby Community Center, P.O. Box 30, Seabeck, WA 98380, Attn: Treasurer


Annual Fundraiser

Our annual fundraising event includes monetary and in-kind donations used throughout the year and sponsorship and in-kind donations for Crosby Days Logging Festival.

Crosby Days Logging Festival

Crosby Days Logging Festival is an annual festival hosted by the Crosby Community Center.  The event is a community event celebrating the logging history of the PNW.  Crosby Days Logging Festival started in 1983.   

Crosby Days Financial Statement

Crosby Days Logging Festival is both a community giving and fundraising event.  Admission, entertainment and many activities are free to the public.  Fundraising comes from paid activities, sales, and sponsorship and donations. Remaining funds received benefits the operation (e.g., utilities bills, taxes) & improvement of the Crosby Community Center and may be used to fund another community giving event.

Crosby Community Center is a 501c4 non-profit organization.

Sponsorship Types

T-Shirt Sponsorship

  • A business or individual can become a T-shirt sponsor.  SEQUOIA sponsors receive a free festival T-shirt.  T-shirt but be picked up at the Crosby News-Stand on the day of the festival.  Please contact us to arrange for a special pickup.

  • SEQUOIA logos include the business number only if it is provided as part of the logo.

  • Logos can be B&W or Color.

Festival Area Sponsorship (Exclusive vs Shared Sponsorship)

  • A business or individual can sponsor one or more festival areas as an Exclusive or Shared sponsor.  Exclusive sponsors, fund the entire festival area such as the Kids' Corner.  A shared sponsor funds a festival area with other sponsors.

  • Shared sponsorship minimum is $100.  Exclusive sponsorship minimum is based on the area sponsored.

  • Signage approx. size limit:  Exclusive Sponsorship: 2’x4’. Shared Sponsorship: 18”x 20”

  • Deadline for signage sample is June 15th, to be approved by the Center.  

  • Event Signage must be available by 12pm, the day before the event.

Combination Sponsorship

  • A business or individual can sponsorship one or more festival areas.

  • A business or individual can sponsorship a festival area and also become a T-Shirt sponsor.


A business or individual may donate to the Crosby Community Center or become an event sponsor.

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