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Our Community Center

The Crosby Community Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization supporting Seabeck, Green Mountain, Lake Symington, Lake Tahuyeh, Wildcat Lake, and surrounding areas of central Kitsap County, Washington.  The club is in a region of Kitsap County called Crosby.  The community’s first postmaster Mrs. Graham named the town Crosby after a town in England where she had lived.  The post office was in operation between1891 and 1918.  Crosby is now part of Seabeck, WA. 
The club was originally incorporated on December 30, 1911, making it over 110 years old!  It is believed that the Crosby Community Center was the first club to file its bylaws with the State of Washington.  Crosby Community Center started as the Crosby Valley Club.  On September 11, 1947, the club’s name changed to the Crosby Community Club.  On November 10, 2020, the club was renamed to Crosby Community Center.

From inception, the organization has focused on promoting unity in the community.  Community events, activities (e.g.,classes, training), and charitable giving (e.g., Angel Tree for Kids) promote strong, caring, healthy and subsequently more unified communities.  Neighbors helping and getting to know their neighbors, that is what this community center is about!

One of the club’s largest and most notable event is Crosby Days Logging Festival which celebrates Crosby’s logging history.  Crosby Days Logging Festival began in August 1983 as a one-time event.  More than forty years later, the festival continues to draw in locals, logging, and antique enthusiasts.

We welcome you to join us in help to bring friends, neighbors, and families together.
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